A downloadable asset pack


The Hi-Tex House Pack Vol. 1 contains 297 assets:

284 Terrains

  • 71 Stucco House Walls
  • 71 Red Brick/Stucco House Walls
  • 71 Orange Brick/Stucco House Walls
  • 71 Stone House Walls

13 Models

  • 3 Lintels (stucco, stucco top trim & stone)
  • 1 Square Table
  • 3 Papers that fit on top of the table (blank, symbol & writing)
  • 6 Chairs (3 plain and 3 cushioned: normal, overturned backwards and overturned forwards)

Video Showcase

This video showcases some of the models appearing in the "Hi-Tex House Pack" and/or the upcoming "Hi-Tex Furniture Pack".

Pack Updates

Updates to the House Pack Vol. 1 will be posted in the Devlog.

  • I may update the pack with tweaks and added materials or models.
  • I may change the names of some of the models to match the naming convention I've used. (This might interfere with existing in-game models in packs, so it'd be up to you to change to the newly named models or not).

**No longer available!**


The package is sold "as is" but, after purchase, I cannot offer refunds.

Terms of Use

  • You must credit Companion Wulf or RPG Maker Times when using these assets.
  • A link to either this page or http://smilegamebuilder.rpgmakertimes.info is greatly appreciated, though not necessary as long as the proper credit (above) is given.
  • The assets (terrains and models) in this pack can be used for non-commercial and commercial projects.
  • You cannot freely distribute or resell this asset pack.
  • You may not reuse or repurpose any of the textures contained in this asset pack, but you may modify them for your projects.
  • You may not use these assets in other engines; they're designed for SMILE GAME BUILDER only.

Development log