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Release Date: 24 March 2020

Updated: 24 March 2020

The Modular Market Pack Vol. 1 contains 50 models for use in SMILE GAME BUILDER, including animated water for barrels and boxes. All models are designed modularly to fit snugly together and provide variety to your markets.

Market Stall Frames

Market stall frames come in two versions (clean and dirty):

  • Base
  • Frame
  • Open
  • Counter


There are two versions of the canopies – striped and canvas – which also come in clean and dirty varieties:

  • Top canopy
  • Back flap
  • Left side flap
  • Right side flap

¶ For convenience, full market stall models for each are also included in the pack, comprising the full frame and all attachable canopies.


Displays fit on top of the counters to house various products. These are also available in clean and dirty versions.

The matching products are not available in this pack, but will be released in the Modular Market Pack Vol. 3 some time in the future.


The pack contains several barrel models:

  • Upright (single)
  • Upright (lidless)
  • Horizontal (single)
  • Stacked (upright)
  • Stacked (horizontal)

Included are two varieties of animated water: full and half-full.


Several box models are also included in the pack:

  • Sealed (single)
  • Single (lidless)
  • Lid (askew)
  • Lid (side)
  • Stack (2 layer)
  • Stack (3 layer)

As with the Barrels, there are matching full and half-full animated water models.

Wood Stack

A wood stack model is added as an extra, bonus model.

Pack Contents

The contents of this pack are only for use with SMILE GAME BUILDER and cannot be used in or as part of other programs. For all terms, please read the Terms & Conditions section.

Pack Notes

Each pack uses a specific numbering convention that is designed to integrate with other packs and future expansion packs.

For a full list of the different models in the pack, I've included a Modular Market Pack Vol. 1 Contents DOC file.

After purchase, a download link will be made available once the money clears in PayPal. Please allow up to 48 hours for the order to be completed. You will need 7-Zip (or similar program) to unzip the files to your hard drive.

Download links are available for 7 days before expiring. You can either download it again by logging into your account or use the contact form and in the Subject select "Product Re-Request", enter details of purchase, etc.

Payment receipts will show as RPG Maker Times.

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