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As a student of the paranormal, you are trying to obtain your Masters in Parapsychology. Your final exams are around the corner and the stress of studying, daily life and family issues is grinding you down.

Your best friend, Jia, the polar opposite to you, helps ground you. She has supported and encouraged you no matter what, as you have been there for her when she needed it.

The Untitleds focuses on the deepening relationship that you and Jia have. Although you share your most intimate thoughts with one another, you know that Jia is hiding something. But what?


This is Version 0.8 of The Untitleds.

I was aiming to submit the complete game before the deadline, but due to unscheduled commitments and a heavy workload I won't be able to. However, I will continue working on it until the deadline and after the game jam.


The Untitleds offers a number of features, some of which are:

Play as a Male or Female character

  • This doesn't affect the story, but it does subtly change certain things in the game and environment based on gender.

Phone System

  • The Untitleds uses an exclusive fully functional phone menu.

    ¶ More features and functions may be added over time.

Dynamic Speech Bubbles

  • Speech bubbles replace SGB's default windows replete with a profile image depending on the speaker.


  • Unlock achievements as you progress through the game.

    ¶ Some are unlocked automatically and some are unlocked after performing certain tasks.


  • Play the songs you've unlocked as you play.

    ¶ You can select a song to play in the background, as there is no other music per se.

Easter Eggs

  • No game is complete without Easter eggs. The Untitleds is no exception. Most of these are well-hidden so you'll need to explore every avenue to find them all.

    ¶ These could be nods to my favourite games, game developers, TV shows, and so on.


    Although this is a submission to the RETURNERS 2022 Game Jam, further development will continue afterwards.

    This will probably be the first, last and only full game I create with Smile Game Builder before I move onto other projects/engines.

    ¶ Incidentally, development Enigma of the Wulf (submitted to the Smile Game Builder Summer 2020 Game Jam) will resume in RPG Maker MV afterwards and that will be my main focus.



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